What is the difference between a Spring roll and a Summer roll? Let’s see!

Spring rolls (Nem rán in Vietnamese)

The roll. Why Spring? We all remember the first time we tasted it, period.

The moment of that first bite, we felt the crisp of fired paper rice. We tasted the heat inside that roll, pork mixed with chopped mushroom, a bunch of vegi which we don't even know what they are mixed with a little spicy fish sauce we just dip. A little hard, but a little soft. A little savory, but a little fresh.

The moment when we were still chewing, that question popped up. We wondered "Why is this thing called Spring roll?" Well, to put it in a simple way, our Chef said "Because its taste is like Spring" The Spring of Northern Vietnam.

What about Summer rolls? (Gỏi cuốn in Vietnamese)

Fillings vary, incorporating prawn, chicken and pork, but the basic aim is to cram as much fresh stuff into some rice paper as possible.

If you're not familiar with these little delicacies – also known as fresh spring rolls – then my, you've got a treat in store. Cucumber granita aside, they're just about the freshest thing you can imagine: a jumble of crunchy raw vegetables, soft, aromatic leaves and cool, squidgy noodles, all stuffed snugly into a featherlight rice wrapper.

As Gourmet magazine's description – "a salad packed into an edible container" – sums them up nicely.

The interesting thing is that, both the rolls can not live without special dipping sauces, which we will come back to describe in the next post!