A Vietnamese art, the art of stamp making, or historically known as the art of seal making.


Kings and aristocrats used this historical practice during the feudal times in Vietnam, but in today’s age seals are now stamps and Mr Hung (pronounced Hoo-ng) is Hanoi’s stamp making aficionado, offering visitors the chance to learn this ancient practice through community based travel company Backstreet Academy.

Backstreet Academy is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing you closer to the life of a local. They help people to promote the culture of locals, their traditions and their arts and, like Mr Hung, many people have found new opportunity through Backstreet Academy to share their arts with the world.

A small workshop located curbside on a street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. There he sat with his tool kit and collection of stamps on show for all to see. The tool kit contained all sorts of chisels that he uses to carve the wooden stamps into his customer’s requested designs, some simple and standard, and some so complex that you wonder how they could have been crafted so delicately by hand.

Mr Hung has been making stamps for 20 years, selling stamps to both loyal customers and tourists who come to Hanoi. Offering custom made stamps, tourists can choose from an array of designs or make up their own.