The streets of Hanoi are awash with foods to suit most palates. Noodle soups, fresh rolls, crispy fish and fluffy tofu tempt the inner glutton to table hop their way across the city. All of this takes a little energy, especially in the heat of midday, but Hanoi has just the answer – Coffee!


Coffee vendors can be found just about anywhere and in most forms. The large coffee chains are yet to reach these shores and when they do arrive they are in for a shock. Almost weekly I walk past another coffee shop – they are springing up from nowhere. The model is the same as you would expect from any European or American city – comfy chairs, quirky interior design and a token wistful looking barista hunched over a book. On the streets, tiny coffee stalls cling to the roadside and travelling coffee sellers have all the key ingredients clinging to their bike frame.


As with most things in Hanoi, the best places are found on the street. As ever the chairs may be a bit uncomfortable and the surroundings noisy, but find the right place and your stay in Hanoi will be complete. Ask for a “Nau Da” and you will be ready to tackle the city all over again.

Here’s my recommendations for where to savour a glass in Hanoi! If you are staying in the Old Quarter then be sure to try the coffee shop at 5b Dinh Liet Street. The owners are lovely and the more you drink the sweeter the coffee seems to get. You will also get a great view of one of the busiest thoroughfares in town. Take your pick – you can’t go wrong! Last, if you are looking for somewhere to escape the heat and mingle with Hanoi’s cool crowd, then Cong Caphe is  is the place for you. Menu’s are written on old Lenin textbooks and the theme of the day is old school communism. This tiny place has atmosphere in droves and does a mean coffee – iced or hot. Be sure to try the coconut coffee ice cream for a treat in the heat!