How do you say the name of our restaurant? It’s actually a lot easier than it looks - so we decided to give you a pronunciation guide. Let’s start with the first word (also the easier word), Cầu, which means ‘bridge’ in English.



Cau doesn’t sound quite like the English word ‘cow’. It actually sounds more like the English word ‘low’. If you say both ‘cow’ and ‘low’ to yourself then you’ll see that the vowel sound is quite different. So you can start with the hard ‘c’ sound in ‘cow’ but make sure that it rhymes with ‘low’- then you’ve got it! This word has a falling tone which means that you should start high and your voice should drop gently as you finish the word. If that last bit sounds too complicated then don’t worry about - making it rhyme with ‘low’ will be enough to be understood.



Go means ‘wood’ in English (hence the name of our restaurant translates to mean ‘wooden bridge’) and doesn’t sound anything like the English word ‘go’. So start the word with a hard ‘g’ like in ‘go’ but make sure it rhymes with the way an English person says ‘four’. Then you’ve got it! The tone on this word is sometimes called rising broken tone and its incredibly complicated to describe. The best way to see what this sounds like is to ask someone at Cau Go Restaurant!


So when you are trying to say the name of the restaurant (e.g. to a taxi driver) then make sure it rhymes with ‘low four’ and hopefully you will be understood. If not then just write it down please J