The Chef of Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine


Welcome to Cau Go Vietnamses Cuisine Restaurant – my lovely working place!

My name is Dao Thi Bay, Chef of Cau Go Restaurant.

I have been working for this restaurant since the first day of its operation and until now, I am very happy that my food has made thousands of patrons delighted. I rarely talk to my guests as my job is always in kitchen but luckily thanks to blog, I can share with you the beauty of Vietnamese dishes.


Since I was a little girl, my mom taught me how to cook various type of food. My mom said every woman in a family should be a chef who keeps warmth, health and happiness by making Vietnamese traditional dishes in right way as it should always be. At that time, I considered Vietnamese cuisine was just a must for any girl to learn, remember and practice in a certain way. I record all cooking lessons from my Mom in a precious cook guide and still refer to it during my work at Cau Go.


Gradually, I did enjoy my cooking stuff and so in love with the feeling when my family members enjoyed meals together in satisfaction. When I had a boyfriend, sometimes I cooked for him and the moment when he smiled like a kid while enjoying my dishes was just so sweet and unforgettable. Vietnamese cuisine has another meaning to me: Love & Happiness which are priceless in life.

Encouraged by family and recommended by my close friend, I went to Saigon for professional cooking courses when I was 20 years old. From that time, I have told to myself: Vietnamese cuisine is my destiny. I have refined my cooking skills specializing in Vietnamese cuisine over 2 decades in Saigon as a the chef in Cuc Gach Restaurant, a famous Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Saigon. Interestingly, I found that even with the same recipe, no two chefs make the same dish. Vietnamese cuisine is magical and each chef is a wizard, not just an artist as many people say. Across Vietnam, there are thousands of different specialties but for me, what is most important is focusing on the essence of Vietnamese cooking. Innovation & creativeness are so important for a chef and I always look for something new upon the base – my cooking knowledge.


At Cau Go restaurant, I have created a menu that reflects Vietnamese cuisine at its finest. I want to create a menu that does not focus on just northern or just southern food, but one that encapsulates all the cuisines of Vietnam including the culinary hubs of Hanoi, Hue and Saigon. I really appreciate the importance of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, but I still incorporate movements in contemporary Vietnamese cuisine to create something that is at once familiar yet unique.


After all, Vietnamese cuisine in me is not just my own happiness but also bring wonderful experience to my beloved patrons.