Nowadays, thanks to high technology, paper is not a rare product like it was centuries ago. We have many paper choices of different thickness, brightness, color and even smell. However, some pieces of Do’ paper, a Vietnamese traditional one always make me delighted as they remind me about my childhood when my grandfather showed me his precious books and beautiful paintings on such kind of paper that until now I have still kept as a private treasure. I was told about the story of Do’ paper by our beloved grandpa long time ago and I always love to share it to my Vietnamese especially foreign friends when we talk about interesting Vietnamese heritage. And as usual, I’d love to share my story to you via this cozy blog.


Dó paper is made from the bark of Dó trees traditionally produced in many villages in Northern Vietnam and mountainous areas. The paper material is soft but really durable. It is surprisingly estimated that the paper could maintain its quality upon 500 years old. Moreover, When drawing or writing on Dó paper, the drawing lines are not blurred, but contrarily quite sharp that’s why the paper was preferably used for paintings or royal documents in ancient time.

Dó paper is simply handmade and Dó papermaking is very sophisticated and time costing. It takes about 3 months for the bark soaked in limewater before it can be used for making paper fibers which adhere to the mold in a thin sheet that is then pressed, dried, rolled, and dried again until the final product – Dó paper- is soft, light, and durable enough according to strict standards. As such, Dó paper symbolizes for Vietnamese people’s hard working, patience and creativeness.


Today, the paper is widely used in painting, writing or valuable decorations.


The idea of showing our menu on Dó paper at Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant came into my mind long time ago since I dream about opening a special restaurant which not only offering exquisite cuisine with fabulous views but also present a sophisticated Vietnamese traditional décor reflecting in every details. I am very happy that Cau Go Restaurant is the first restaurant in Vietnam create a menu on Dó paper that becomes a delight to our prestigious patrons.


Whenever Vietnam is in our heart, every small piece of it becomes special and valuable to us!