Hundreds of years ago when electronic and candles had not come to Vietnam, Vietnamese oil lamp was a must for every family to have substantial light for night time. Every oil lamp has three parts which is the lighting head, the oil body and the base.

The first oil lamp was made from pottery. After that, there is an improvement in oil lamp producer when glass and ceramic could be made in some handicraft villages. The lighting head is made by glass so that the light spreads wider and brighter and it protects the little fire inside from wind while the oil body and base are made by ceramic for better durability and more beautiful appearance.


There is a special thread at can absorb oil connecting the oil containing in the body and the lighting head. Since the oil is still available, the thread is always wet can easily burnt when touched with a little fire.


Vietnamese oil lamp is a beautiful image of Vietnamese people as in many pictures and poems, it often goes with hard-working student or great mother who awake during the night for studying or sewing. Nowadays, electronic lamp has replaced this traditional one and you hardly find an oil lamp in the market.


At Cau Go Vietnamese cuisine, we want to remind patrons about the Old Hanoi with many traditional artifacts among which oil lamps with beautiful and romantic lighting for dinner is a highlight. Even in a windy night, the oil lamp can still be bright and bring you to a charming Hanoi in the past.

Come to Cau Go Restaurant someday for dinner and enjoy special atmosphere from every corner of this unique restaurant!