Travel to Vietnam in summer is good opportunity to enjoy a lot of special Vietnamese dishes and specialties.

Here are some of the best Vietnamese summer dishes you should try when coming to Vietnam in summer.


1. Douhua – Soy Milk:


Douhua soy milk is a popular dish made from soy milk (Douhua). There are also many other variations of this dish which are a more complex and interesting, such as soy milk coffee, soy milk chocolat, or soy milk with some toppings as black jelly,… This is always among the best Vietnamese summer dishes that people should try when coming to Vietnam.


2. Coconut Ice-cream:


This fragrant, cool ice-cream is put in a big coconut with copra and fresh coconut with dried fruits sprinkled on top. This delicious, unique ice-cream is not very cheap. However, you can make this at home due to its simple receipt.


3. Yogurt With Fermented Purple Sticky Rice


This one-of-a-kind will make you remember as long as you taste it once. Yogurt mixed with fermented purple sticky rice, coming with some cool crushed ice will help to “cool down” hot summer days easily.


4. Vietnamese Sour Sweet Salad With Dried Beef:


This dish is called Vietnamese salad with dried beef with simple additional ingredient –green papaya and carrot. Beef will be dipped in spices (sugar, chilli powder), and then baked until it becomes brown-red, and then will be teared into thin fibers. Making this salad is very simple as this is a street dish which is very popular in Vietnamese meals.


5. Sweet corn pudding:


Corn pudding is one of the best treats in a summer afternoon. They often contain ingredients like tapioca, glutinous rice, beans, and fruit. Refreshing and delicious, rich in flavours of coconut sauce, the gelatin of tapioca pearls mixed with the sweet corn, the aroma of fresh pandan leaves are all of the things which make Vietnamese corn pudding nearly impossible to resist.